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Your concrete design choices are nearly infinite.   From a simple concrete stain and seal to a much more elaborate concrete overlay, the color, texture and pattern opportunities are nearly limitless.    Color Cap can even reproduce some of the more popular conventional flooring options with the extensive versatility of concrete and coatings, and at all budget levels.


Most of our clients come to us looking to use their existing concrete floor- with a few modifications - as the last floor they will ever need.  What they have realized, is that the most durable floor they can have, is the one they already own.


Having come to that conclusion years ago even in our own homes, Color Cap emerged as a premiere group of artisans capable of transforming a plain concrete floor in any home or commercial location into a beautiful finished surface.






Color Cap offers a wide range of interior flooring options.   We can offer simple acid stained concrete, stained and scored, single color, multicolor or any given combination to warm any home décor. 

Resurfaced Microfinish in Cafe Mocha Acid StainScored and Stain witn MMA Sealer








For most remodels, we generally provide a concrete overlay system to compensate for unsuitable concrete. 

These canTextured Overlay with Polymer Stain range from a thin textured concrete overlay polymer stained...
Textured Overlay with Polymer Stain








...to a micMicro-Finish Overlay Acid Stained w/Epoxy Sealerro-finish concrete overlay acid stained finished  with the high gloss of epoxy.Micro-Finish Overlay Acid Stained w/Epoxy Sealer













Color Cap also offers an economic option of acrylic stains...Acrylic StainAcrylic Stain







...and diamond ground concrete finished with a clear coat of High Solids Sealer.

These can either be stained for the look of a highly polished marble floor on a concrete budget,Black and Brown Acid Stain or left natural to maintain the soft and warm tones of the concrete.Natural Concrete Ground With Clear Sealer








In addition, we can provide different systems in different areas of the same project. Our scope is virtually unlimited and ensures your floors will have the personality you desire.

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