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Color Cap has a long history of exterior restorations and upgrades.   Since our beginnings in the industry as a spray deck installer, we have worked with the most durable product lines available to create exterior surfaces that will outlast any others on the market.                                                                                                                                        

Patio Extension

Patio Extensions

An outdoor living space is almost a requirement for our species, with most people unable to spend all their free time indoors.  When the basic patio provided by your builder doesn’t suffice for your living style, we can help you expand and redesign the basic patio space you have into one more acceptable for your lifestyle.



Outdoor Excellence Harbor and Stone Work

Curb appeal

Color Cap can also restore the curb appeal you once had, particularly for those homes with front driveways and walkways that have fallen to the ravages of time and wear, often failing due to poor construction.  
When your curb appeal holds no appeal, Color Cap is the best company for the task.



Outdoor Excellence Harbor and Stone Work

Backyard Remodels

When your outdoor space is just a collection of separate elements, we can help draw everything together with a backyard remodel.   By incorporating hardscape, landscape and water features such as spas and fountains, using natural materials like stone and cedar, and adding natural plantings to bring it together, we are able to create a living space where you can truly enjoy the outdoors as it works for your relaxation and contentment.

Visit Color Cap Green for options.


Outdoor Excellence Refurface Deck, New Cooping and Pool Tile

Pool Restoration

We have been working with pool decks and pool areas since our inception.   With our background, we have been able to provide to our clients a full restoration of their swimming pool at a price more than competitive with the local pool builder.   With qualified artisans to install new coping, whether it be stone, slate, or brick, and some of the best tile work available, we can totally reface your pool.   With new plaster and the upgrades offered there, high end LED lighting, cleaner and equipment upgrades designed to drop maintenance to almost nothing, we can ensure your pool is a joy to own, not a money pit you can't enjoy.   Add in our specialty deck work and your swimming pool will have everyone in the neighborhood wanting to follow in your footsteps.

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