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Concrete Overlays


Color Cap installs proven products from manufacturers with a history of success such as Elitecrete, and Stardek . By using custom concrete overlays to resurface existing concrete, we can bypass the often unsightly flaws of an existing slab and provide you with a finished surface that looks like stone, marble, slate, brick or even wood. Our concrete overlays also allow us to provide custom colors and patterns difficult to achieve with traditional methods of flooring.

An overlay is a polymer modified cementitious product designed to firmly and completely bond to your prepared surface. It can range from 1/16" on micro-finishes for a marbleized look to 3/8" for stamped textures, and is completed and protected by high end sealers that are the envy of our industry. With years of experience in installation and design, Color Cap can give you a floor that is extremely durable, requires low maintenance and is a custom finish at competitive prices.  

Hand-Trowelled Overlays and Slate Finishes

Our hand-trowelled overlays and slate finishes are our most popular. Using any of several pattern methods, creating natural textures, and employing detailed coloring techniques allows us to create beautifully textured and colored stone, slate, brick and even wood finishes for natural looking surfaces at a less than premium price. On interiors, they can be hard trowelled for travertine finishes, custom tiles, seamless marble appearances, and more.  They are the surface of choice for most of our clients and allow for maximum customization. Photo Gallery

Splatter Texture Overlays and Knock Down Finishes

Splatter textures are an industry standard for quick turnaround times, skid-resistant textures and standard patterns. In single colors for texture, safety, and surface restoration, spray textures are the most economical and effective. Add patterns and multiple colors, and for only a modest increase in price, you can take this skid resistant surface to a level of decorative enhancement well beyond gray concrete or exposed aggregate. Photo Gallery

Stamped Texture Overlays

Stamped overlays are the premium product for resurfacing your concrete. Designed for a thickness of 1/4"-3/8" your surface can have deep impressions of patterned concrete while maintaining the versatility of colors and pattern achieved only with an overlay. Photo Gallery

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