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Stained Concrete


Stained concrete as flooring used to be rare, and a trend flooring option.  In the last decade, it has exploded onto the market and has achieved a firm acceptance by homeowners, builders and designers.

Please click the following link  to know about Considerations for Builders

The most recognized process is acid staining, sometimes referred to as reactive or chemical staining.  Unlike acrylic stains which act like diluted paint on the surface, acid stains provide a beautifully unique floor by actually changing the color of the concrete through the application of metallic salts in an acid based solution to transform your concrete into a rich and inviting surface that can fit into virtually any design plan.  Available in a warm palette of earth tones, adding scored designs, multiple colors, and unique staining methods can produce a showpiece upon which any decorating style will blend.

A word of caution on interior stained concrete: Many concrete slabs are flawed from carpet tack strips, tile mortar, non-removable stains, previous coatings, or are just poorly finished.  These slabs are not likely to provide the beautiful finishes commonly seen in photos here and elsewhere.  However, with a low cost concrete overlay placed after proper surface preparation, the professionals at Color Cap can provide you a restored concrete surface tailor made for our stained concrete finishes.  Our concrete overlays are hand finished with techniques designed to mimic the burnishing of steel trowel and power-trowelled concrete to give rich variations just like new concrete slabs.

Considerations When Selecting Acid Stain Colors

When choosing Acid stain as a color choice and finish for Concrete it is necessary to be educated on its limitations.  The end user should be aware that the basic principles which make Acid Staining so beautifully mottled, variegated and marbleized can also cause some undesirable results. 

Un-reacted Acid Stain in its packaging is often a translucent color that does not represent the final color that the concrete surface will become after the reaction and finishing takes place.  Many tan and amber Acid Stain colors come out of the package a light green color, and black is generally anything but. 


The final color will not be evident until the Stain has completely reacted with the cement substrate.  The reaction takes place over a period of 1-8 hours (depending on the manufacturer). Additionally, the color when dry is usually altered to a deep wet look coloration with the application of solvent based sealers, though a water based sealer can maintain the soft look of the acid Stain when dry.

Acid Stains add translucent colors to the concrete surface and do not hide the imperfections of the concrete.
Flaws from poor finishing, carpet tack strips holes, tile mortar, non-removable stains from oils and other items, previous coating removal marks – even shadowing from VCT and tile grids – will not disappear.

Any undesirable blemishes or imperfections should be addressed prior to stain application.  We will help you to determine which ones may be of concern and propose a remediation.

Application hazards and variations in the surface generally blend in or simply add to the variegated look and feel desired when choosing the natural marbling effect of concrete stain

Color charts should be used as a guide only.  On request an onsite mockup  can be created to determine final color, or in case of overlays  we can create a sample.

Color varies depending on surface porosity and texture, concrete composition and age, preparation and application techniques, number applications, dilution rates, and other factors.


We have extensive experience with acid stains from most manufacturers, because of their consistent quality and reliability we prefer to work with Chem-Stone (see color chart), Chem-Coat (see color chart) acid stains, Kemiko (see color chart), and Scofield (see color chart) acid stains.


Acid stains are permanent they cannot be easily removed, color will not fade, chip, crack or peel and wears only as the concrete wears.

Acid stains do not hide surface blemishes cracks or construction errors.  No matter how discolored the concrete, many blemishes or variations will only add to the character of the finished floor. 

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