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The drawback to beautiful decorative concrete is that you notice when it is dirty. Your new surface must be maintained properly to keep its beautiful appearance and functionality. The information below will give you the knowledge needed to keep your surface looking its best.

Using During Curing:

Epoxy floor surfacing and coating systems must be protected from heavy traffic, chemicals, and abuse during this curing process. Complete curing takes place in 4 - 7 days at an ambient temperature of 70F - 75F.

Cooler temperatures and/or higher relative humidity will lengthen curing times.


Newly installed floors should be cured a minimum of 48 hours at 70F - 75F before wash-downs. Only warm water should be used to clean within the first week.

If the use of a detergent is absolutely necessary during the first week, use only a NON-CHLORINE cleaner dissolved in water. Sanitizing detergents containing chlorine or hypochlorite must not be used for at least 7 days.

Regular Maintenance and Care:

Good housekeeping practices and regulated spill removal will prolong the service life of the floor. While polymer flooring often requires less maintenance than other finishes, cleaning and stain removal must be performed.

Stains should be removed as soon as possible, but only after determining the cause of the stain and selecting the proper method of stain removal. The following maintenance should be performed on a weekly basis or as needed:

  •  Remove spills at the earliest opportunity.

  •  Sweep or vacuum loose dirt and debris.

  • Clean floor with NON-CHLORINE cleaner or another industrial detergent, dissolved in water as directed by cleaner manufacturer. A mild, moderately alkaline, non-dusting detergent is generally best. Proper cleaners should be selected for specific spills or stains.

  • Power scrub surface, then rinse with a pressure washer. CAUTION: Certain stiff-bristled brushes can affect gloss of finish when used with power scrubbing tools. Consult with janitorial supplier for brush recommendation.

  • Change soap solution and rinse water frequently. Remove rinse water with a wet vacuum or squeegee. Keep mop heads and maintenance equipment free of accumulated dirt.


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